Project title: Individual projects – SME qualification Project code: NORTE-02-0853-FEDER-020020
Main Objective: Strengthening the competitiveness of SMEs
Region of intervention: PO North
Beneficiary Entity: Green Dolphin – Factory Fashion, Lda.
Date of approval: 06-01-2017
Start date: 01-03-2017
Date Completed: 02-28-2019
Total eligible cost: € 116,685.00
Financial support from the European Union: ERDF – EUR 52 508.25
Project objectives:
With the implementation of the project, we intend to improve our competitiveness and notoriety, in the current activity of confection of clothes in private label regime.
Thus, the project contemplates the realization of investments in immaterial areas of competitiveness, namely, reinforcement of the computer resources to support the management, automation and computerization of the internal logistics of the company and the development of collections associated to the new brand and the improvement of the capacities of design.