We grow with our partners.


Our Story

At Green Dolphin, we have a  unique philosophy, one that mixes the environment, the people, the facilities and all the stakeholders in one purpose, to achieve a symbiotic with those who surround us. We are part of a group with more than 20 years of experience in the textile and clothing sector, born from the need to dedicate the best of our expertise to the external market.

The People

It doesn’t matter how smart or savvy we are when it comes to technology, product development, or any single skill we possess. Nobody succeeds for long alone. Whatever our ventures; personal, professional, philanthropic, political, or private, we can’t forget all the people who are involved in and are essential to our success.


We care about ecology because we are part of it. All the ecosystems in the world are important in making the world the way it is. We have a major concern about our water, our footprint our respect for nature. These ecosystems work in harmony to keep everything thriving, so do we!

We prefer to work with companies that share our ideals, our concerns our way of living and we found that in Green Dolphin.

Philippe Furet

We are at Vila Nova de Famalicão, the textile heart of Portugal.