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The Green Dolphin Development Department ensures all planning and management of each process, from raw material, accessories, mold design, cutting support and sample preparation.
Green Dolphin has a versatile production line capable of satisfying both large and small orders on a wide range of products.
The automation of the processes guarantees to Green Dolphin a reduction in the time of manufacture and the final cost of production.
Washing and Dyeing
The know-how and extensive experience of Green Dolphin, coupled with the technology of its partners, allow you to offer products of high complexity, either with sophisticated washes or with part dyeing.

Quality Control

Green Dolphin ensures the quality in all parts of the process through continuous and accurate verification, from the receipt of the order to the final product.


Our foreign market knowledge over these years allows us to be different, we have the necessary know-how, for all types of shipments to the most diverse points of the world with the security and punctuality that is our image